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Egyptian Event Travigliato Italy 2005

Ali Zafir Reserve Champion Stallion & Ayah Bebo Champion Mare!

Egyptian Event Baden - Baden Germany 2005

Ayah Bebo Class - winner!

Ayah Bebo Top Ten!

Ayah Bebo Reserve Champion Mare!

Ayah Bebo born 2001 by Ali Zafir & Classic Aldaara

Saint - Tropez Arabian Cup France 2005 - ECAHO B International Show

Amour Bebo -  Stallions - his first Show in Europe!

Amour Bebo born 2001 by Ali Zafir & Aghoor EAO

Dillenberg - Germany 3.4.5.June 2006

Orientalica International Show B Class ECAHO

Pyramid LAHARA "K" II.Place

Egyptian Classic Show

Pyramid Lahara "K" II.Place

Frankfurt 2007

Orientalica International Show B Class ECAHO

Pyramid Lahara "K" II.Place

Egyptian Classic Show

Pyramid Lahara"K" II.Place

Menton - France June 2007

ECAHO A Class International Show

Pyramid Lahara "K" IV.Place & The best Egyptian horse from Egypt







Bebo Stud's Pyramid LAHARA "K" first start this season in Orientalica International B.Show & Egyptian Classic in Germans Dillenburg June 2006. Twice II.nd place.

Ayah Bebo* Classic Aldaara & Ali Zafir * Champion Mare Egyptian Event Travagliato Italy 2005 & Reserve Champion Mare Egyptian Event Baden Baden Germany 2005 in foal to Maydan Madheen!

Photo by Erwin Escher 


AMOUR Bebo in Oriental Image Italy 30.6.-1.7.2006

Photo by Gigi Grasso

- Sold -